The Brand was created in 2014 and belongs to Confeções Bugalhós Lda, a family-owned company founded in Portugal in 1986, located in Guimarães geographically placed in the Vale do Ave, internationally recognized as the most important area of textile and clothing industry in the north of Portugal.
Nuno and Odete were the founders of COTTON BROTHERS, they were born in a family with a large textile tradition, so they has contact with the industry almost all entire life. Based on an experience of more than 30 years and a deep knowledge of the trends and modeling, our brand offers exclusive collections of own production in Portugal and high quality with original designs, which result an excellent relation quality/price.

We invite you to know our brand, our team and our factory. Know who designed your clothes, who cut the fabrics, who sew them and were we storage them ready to send it to you. Nowadays, the company directly employs 80 people and produces a 3 million pieces per year. Some members of our team work with us for more than 20 years. All our workers have fair wages, appropriate and safe facilities respecting the Portuguese Labour Laws. Responsible production and social responsibility are two essential pillars of the production of the brand COTTON BROTHERS.
The company is certificated in OEKOT EX and SEDEX to assure that every process on the production is accordingly to Ethical Practices.

COTTON BROTHERS is aware of the urgency of acting on to save our World; therefore we are taking a step forward. We have sustainable line products that are accordingly with Ethical Practices, Responsible Production and Social Responsibility. Inside our main collection we have a Capsule where the ethical and ecologic concern is even more powerful. There we use only natural and sustainable fibers.
Sustainability is one of the words we can use to define our collections. One of our main concerns was the QUALITY of the raw materials used, alongside also the concern with a collection full of details and fashionable pieces.

COTTON BROTHERS is a feminine fashion brand from casual chic to elegant, easyto-wear style that accompanies women from day to night with confidence and sophistication.
We design every piece with attention to detail, impeccable quality and elegant silhouettes always thinking of the sophisticated women that is looking for a timeless look every season.